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Just wanted to make a quick aside and say “Hi and Thank you!” to all the new followers that have managed to find me while I was down and out with the flu. Thanks for finding LCO, I’ll try not to bore you!

Clear Skies, Vee


Let’s Make a Start

Let’s start by me saying ‘HI! I’m Vee, and for some magical reason you’ve managed to find my blog out of the millions of other low carb blogs out there. So! Welcome to Low Carb Odyssey (LCO for short)! I’ll try not to bore you.’

Okay, great. Now that that’s done we can move on a little bit. So, things you’ll need to know about me and this blog before you dig in:

  1. I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST, MEDICAL EXPERT, OR EVEN REMOTELY QUALIFIED TO BE GIVING OUT ADVICE OF A DIETARY, MEDICAL, OR NUTRTIONAL KIND. All my knowledge comes from talking with my GP, researching a vast variety of resources – both Internet based and analogue! Be thorough! – and delving into the reports on studies as they pop out. What I’m trying to say here is: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS! SEEK REAL MEDICAL ADVICE BEFORE YOU START ANY NEW DIET/LIFESTYLE. So don’t sue me. I don’t have any money and I’ve just told you I’m an amateur. Ahem.
  2. In 2009 I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which, amongst other things, makes it incredibly difficult to lose weight while putting you at risk of developing horrible diseases like diabetes and cancer. Sounds totally delightful right? Yup. So, for years, I went through the rigmaroles of trying to lose weight. I wasn’t that keen on it; why would I want to lose weight when I was comfortable with myself? Lie. I wasn’t actually comfortable with myself, that was just something I told myself – and my friends and family – when I realised just how impossible it was to do! So, like so many of you out there, I suffered in silence – struggling with the weight gain, hirutism and just a general sense of crushing low self-esteem. Then, I moved, I got married; I lost a little bit of weight, and on a random visit to a new GP in 2013 I was lead to the ‘Low Carb Diet’, and…here’s the clincher: it works! I am thrilled with my progress, the kilograms rushing off of my body like water in the shower; energy levels rising, self-esteem at an all time high – those darned skinny jeans falling loose around my thighs and slipping down! It’s great!
  3. I work, own and manage a Cafe. I do all the baking, so I’m accosted by temptation pretty much six days out of the week. I have developed iron-clad willpower to conquer my sweet-tooth. Trust me when I say that if I can do this, so can you.
  4. I hate exercising. I’m self conscious about it, can’t stand public gyms or pools, and yet I’ve managed to squeeze in a few things I can do easily at home that are helping out. For the most part, I walk – alot. I get a lot of walking in at the Cafe, but I also walk the dog – our beautiful, hyper eleven-year-old border collie Max – and try to wear my pedometer every day. People often tell you that dieting is enough. If you believe that, I’d like you to open up your mind a little bit and think about this: once you’ve lost the weight, the goal is to keep it off, one of the things that will help you with that is the raising of your metabolism while you’re losing the weight to start with. Best way to raise your metabolism? You got it! Exercise!
  5. I’m hopelessly introverted, and often sarcastic. Hopefully you’ll get used to it.
  6. I’m a creative writer, sometimes I get a little bit floral and dramatic with my writing. I apologise in advance for any florid prose, tangent anecdotes, and other possible literary devices I can’t foresee at this point.

I think that’s everything. Apart from the fact that I love animals and music…but that’s not entirely relevant, this isn’t a dating site after all. This is a blog about food and lifestyle, like so many others out there. More importantly, I hope that this blog will help some of you out who are stuck in a rut and are feeling the heavy burden of despair settle on you. Maybe you’re a teenager and you’re getting teased at school – been there, done that – or you’re publically in denial but privately painfully aware. I know how you feel, I’ve been there. I’ve done it. I feel better now and I’m feeling better and more beautiful every day.

I want to share that finding of self with this blog. Make no mistake, this is going to tackle a few things: I’m going to be blunt and honest – about myself and about information I find. I want this to be a two-way street; if you’re not sure where to find the information, or if you want to compare notes, post something up! This blog is going to explore a lot of things revolving around a Low Carb Lifestyle; we’ll look at PCOS and its issues, at diabetes and how that’s ripping the world apart, cancer – particularly ovarian, breast, prostate, and cervical – and how all these pieces fit together into the wonderfully complicated thing that is the human body. We’re going to be painfully honest, brutally so at stages; some of you might find some of the ideas put forward here confronting – and it’s how you choose to act on that information that really matters!

But if there’s one thing I really need you all to take away from this first, inaugural post is that I am not a guru, I’m not an expert. I’m not qualified to be teaching, promoting, or advising anyone of you in this. The only thing I am doing here is sharing what I’m discovering on my own journey through this, and like me, you should always consult a medical expert – your doctor, gp, whatever – on what you’ve found and are thinking of doing. I’m not joking about this: the low carb lifestyle can adversely affect those who are going too crazy with it, and can have serious health repercussions if it’s not suited to your situation. So! FIRST RULE OF LCO: ALWAYS BE SMART.

Other than that?

Welcome to my Low Carb Odyssey. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Clear skies,