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Clothes and Fashion

Many of us have discovered that weight loss, while awesome and self-confidence boosting, comes with a bit of a fashion drama. In a good way! Mostly.

I used to have a pair of jeans that I kept in the bottom drawer. These were my ‘skinny jeans’ (AU16) that I hoped to one day get into. They were that beautiful deep navy blue that some denim can be, hipsters with boot flares. I loved them and one day, just a few weeks after being on LC I found out I could wear them! I was absolutely thrilled to bits. Here was pure proof that my new lifestyle and all my hard work were finally paying off. So I kept going, and after a month I realised these jeans were a little loose around the waist. Bot just that, they were becoming a little baggy around the thighs. They still looked alright but I realised that wasn’t going to last for too much longer. Sure enough, another month later and they were unwearable: to loose, too baggy, and just wrong. Luckily, my mother-in-law had just gone through her wardrobe and I got a whole range of jeans from her, all in great condition and all a good fit. By now I was wearing AU14, a full size down from what I’d been wearing. That was three months ago… And now I’m faced with the same ‘problem’.

This brings us to the issue of transition clothing. Now, ove personally sworn off buying new clothes until I reach my target weight, I just don’t see the point otherwise: my body is changing every week at the moment.

The same goes for underwear – and lingere. Ladies, you’ll probably find that your bust measurements will change – probably not your cup size, but remember that you’re losing fat from your shoulders, back anf sides and that will factor in too. You might also discover that certain cuts of briefs and panties will look more flattering than before. That goes for pantyhoses too! Guys, you might find you need to adjust the sizes of your briefs and boxers – you might notice more erm… ‘showing’ now that your fat has disipated around your thighs and abdomen.

I’ve also noticed that I could suddenly wear long socks, another achievement, and especially for someone for whom casual wear often includes a bit of goth. Random, but an achievement of sorts.

Now, I’ve decided not to go down the road of ‘transition’ clothing; frankly, I haven’t got the money to afford a new wardrobe, especially one that’s likely to change in the next two months when I lose more weight. So I’m just going to wait until I’ve hit my target weight and then I’ll see what I can find – provided it’s in the budget at that point, otherwise I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. Second-hand clothing shops are fantastic…

What’s your approach? Are you going to go through each stage as it hits you or are you just going to wait and see? Let me know, I’d love to hear about some tactics!

Clear skies,