December Celebrations! Woe!

The holiday season brings delight, laughter, family, and a certain amount of stress. Many of us on a new or existing diet flake out during this busy time; myself included! I tried, I really did, at the start of the month to maintain my control and keep going, but I decided in the middle of the first week that I couldn’t do it. There’s too much going on during this month, between catering to people’s Christmas needs at the Cafe and prepping all the baked goodies for home’s celebrating. We’re not doing expensive gifts this year – there’s just no money for it! – so instead I’m baking people surprises for under the tree. Much yayness! I love baking treats, especially for other people, and presenting them is even more fun. I’m not a great cake decorator, but I’ll try my hand at just about anything.

Long story short, this is a post about picking your battles. December is a battle I chose to forfeit rather than attempt, and I know some of you are in the same boat.


2 thoughts on “December Celebrations! Woe!”

  1. That seems entirely fair πŸ™‚ I am hoping to stick it out but the real test will be the three days we are spending with my in-laws in Adelaide over the break. MIL and SIL are super supportive of the concept which will help, but could go either way with other situations πŸ˜‰


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