This Keto Life: early days and explanations

Those of you just starting out might benefit from reading this, imo it does a far better job of explaining a ketogenic diet than I ever did. Plus, it’s by a friend so you know, I HAVE to boost it. =^.^=

Clear skies,

The Fortified Sand Castle

I recently decided that I was tired of feeling sick after eating breakfast. Breakfast was a low G.I. (glycaemic index, for those of you not down with the lingo) fruit free, wheat free, nutty muesli. It was delicious. It was also topped with low fat vanilla yoghurt.

For most people, these would probably be reasonably healthy options. Not so for the Kate. For someone who is not technically insulin resistant (numbers leaned that way, last time they were tested, but weren’t over the line) or diabetic, I have a ridiculous response to sugar.

My breakfast choices have become more and more lean. First, no fructose. Okay, well, that cuts out wheat and a lot of grains, and anything with dried fruits… Then, low G.I. Well, that cuts out a lot of sugary cereal… anything with honey (also a fructose issue)… uhm…

And I stayed on my nutty muesli for a…

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2 thoughts on “This Keto Life: early days and explanations”

  1. Aww, shucks, ma’am! 🙂 thanks for the bump. I enjoyed writing it, and laying it out straight for myself (and even then left out the really intense technical details from Phinney and Volek, which are more interesting than essential). I flatter myself that my posts are generally pretty thorough, but it’s also very true that it is because they are very, very long! I am nothing if not verbose (my creative writing editing process* starts with “cut out at least 80% of the adjectives and adverbs”).
    *this assumes that I get around to editing. That would be a generous assumption.


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