Hypertension and Insulin Resistance

Here’s something interesting to read about! Blood pressure, insulin resistance and some other interesting points; definitely worth a read.

Clear Skies,

Dr. Adam Nally (@DocMuscles)

Blood Pressure SurpriseHypertension (elevated blood pressure) is one of the triad symptoms of metabolic syndrome.  I see this to some degree a very large majority of the people seen in my office.  Many people are so used to having borderline or elevated blood pressure, and not successfully controlling it through caloric restriction, they are told it is a “genetic problem,” placed on blood pressure medication and sent on their way.  The problem is that most of these people will have a progressive elevation in blood pressure over time and these medications are continually raised until the person is on four or five different blood pressure medications at maximal doses.  Again, their genetics are blamed and that is the end of it.  Or is it?!

When I first started treating the insulin resistance problem in the human, rather than the blood pressure problem, I began to see immediate reductions in blood pressure…

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