Xenia Monaghan’s Baked Cauliflower

Since I’ve been so slack lately, I haven’t had the chance to stumble on awesome recipes like this one! I have a serious cauliflower gobbling problem so this is perfect for anyone else who shares my addiction!

Clear skies,

Buttoni's Low-Carb Recipes

Hungarian CauliflowerThis tasty dish may not actually be Hungarian, but it was served to my family when I was in high school by my best friend’s mother.  Her daughter, also named Peggy, and I were inseparable back them.  🙂  Mrs. Monaghan, in her 20’s, was a Hungarian ballerina in Budapest, Hungary.  She met and eventually married a US Army Officer stationed there during WWII.  They were our neighbors at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.  I think of everything I ever ate at her house as Hungarian, although it may not have been at all. 😉  All I know is this simple dish is really tasty and ever so easy to prepare.  The flavor lingered over the years and I just had to try and reproduce this recipe.  I think I’ve come pretty close, too!  She used regular white breadcrumbs, but I have subbed in a low-carb bread for that purpose.  I may have…

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