Lobster “Linguine”

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Lobster and "Linguine" Lobster “Linguine”

I can’t get very good lobster in Central Texas, so I often fix this dish with shrimp or crawfish.  It’s great with all three, really, but in my opinion, the best with  lobster. I have even made it with large sea scallops and fresh lump white crab meat (when I lived on the Gulf Coast).  As is true of most seafood dishes, this one really packs in the nutrients!  This dish is OK for Atkins Induction.

As the “noodles” have no real flavor of their own, they take on the taste of whatever broth or sauces they are cooked in.  So be sure to use seafood stock (preferably lobster broth from shells boiled in water) to simmer the noodles in.  It will make the final dish ever so much more flavorful!  When you shell your lobster meat, boil the shells for 30 minutes and use that broth.


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