Skinny Enchiladas

Here’s something to have a look at. I haven’t tried this yet but it sure looks tasty and satisfying! Definitely something worth having a look at, especially if we get tired of the same old recipes over and over again – there’s only so many ways I can stomach eggs and avocados.

Clear Skies,

hedonism, health and fitness

I love food! (good entrée, right?)

Seriously, I love food! Moreover, I love great, delicious and highly nutritious food. That is why, this recipe is one of my favorite recipes of ever! The downsize of it, is being a bit complicated to (or to clean after). If not so messy, I would have enchiladas every weekend!

I have been discovering a new side of mexican cuisine I had never noticed. Sure, I noticed several years ago how delish mexican dishes are, but, now I am looking at them from the health point of view, and, is amazing! Naturally, one can always cook mexican with a healthy twist – cut creams, use sweet potatoes instead of white ones, replace fatty cheese for low-fat).

I usually serve these skinny enchiladas with a portion of guacamole  and pico de salsa, I think it really brings colour to the plate.

Looking into some ingredients present…

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